Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About our Privacy Policy

Do Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute") believes that it is its social responsibility to properly manage and protect personal information and specific personal information. We hereby set forth the following as our personal information and specific personal information protection policy. All officers, employees, and other staff members shall be kept fully aware of the policy, and we shall make every effort to ensure the protection of personal information and specific personal information.

1.Collection, use and provision of Personal Information

When collecting Personal Information, the Institute shall notify the person in advance of the purpose of use and obtain the consent of the person. We use Personal Information within the scope of the purpose of use agreed upon by the person providing the information, and do not use the information for purposes which exceed the specified necessary scope. We shall take measures to prevent the usage for purposes other than we specified. We shall not provide or disclose Personal Information to any third parties, unless we have obtained the consent of the person in advance, outsource the business, or have other justifiable reasons.

2.Observance of laws related to Personal Information protection and other standards

When handling Personal Information, the Institute observe laws, guidelines stipulated by the country and other norms.

3.Safe management of Personal Information

The Institute shall develop and employ measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, including measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration and/or leakage of personal data in the possession .In the event that a problem arises, we shall corrective measures shall be taken promptly.

4.Responding to complaints and inquiries

The Institute shall designate a contact point for complaints and inquiries from the subjects of Personal Information and respond to such complaints and inquiries properly.

5.Continuous improvement of our Personal Information protection management system

To properly maintain our Personal Information protection system, the Institute shall create a Personal Information protection management system. Moreover, we shall conduct periodical audits on the implementation of the system and endeavor to upgrade it on an ongoing basis.

Enacted : September 1, 2004
Last revised : September 1, 2016

Harukazu Nishio
Do Research Institute Inc.

Privacy Mark


The Privacy Mark is granted to private enterprises that adopt sufficient measures to properly protect personal data. The Privacy Mark System was established by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC) in April 1998, and the Privacy Mark is certified and granted by JIPDEC as well as 19 other designated organizations.

Do Research Institute Inc. was certified and granted the Privacy Mark on October 2006, after document-based examinations and on-site inspections conducted by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC).

We consider it our social responsibility to properly manage and protect personal data because we often handle personal data in our work which includes the conduct of surveys, personal interviews, and meetings, as well as data processing.

We have always taken utmost care to protect personal data. Now that we have been certified and granted the Privacy Mark, however, we shall further fortify our measures to protect personal data. We shall continue to implement reliable management that earns the trust of society by using thorough security measures to manage the personal data with which we have been entrusted.

The following are our approaches to handling personal data. Your cooperation and understanding will be greatly appreciated.