Message from the President

We propose Strategies for Creative Behavior.

We propose
for Creative Behavior."

Harukazu Nishio

Dramatic advancements in semiconductor and communication technologies and the accompanying software innovations have dramatically increased the speed of information processing, enabling us to connect with the world in the blink of an eye. As a result, the flow of information, communication, and decision-making processes between countries, companies, and individuals have begun to change in a way that has not been witnessed before, which has, in turn, accelerated social change. While the value of data is increasing, the underlying power and value of manufacturing, as well as the motivation for living and working, are being reevaluated. Furthermore, the progress of globalization, global environmental problems, and the pandemic caused by the coronavirus seem to be triggering a paradigm shift in the current social and economic system.

Fortunately, Japan is globally regarded as one of the top countries in the world. However, we are now being asked to strategically approach how we enhance the value of our tangible and intangible assets and use them in a world undergoing major social changes.

Under these circumstances, I believe that it is our duty to accurately grasp the changes in the social structure, to always return to the starting point (basics) for discussion, to readily accept any phenomenon with an open mind, to listen to diverse opinions, and at the same time, to constantly absorb and transmit new knowledge and eliminate uncertainties.

In establishing our think tank Do Research Institute Inc., we hope to continue to function as a group that can always go back to the basics and sublimate discussions and can not only "THINK" but also propose a strategy that will lead to a creative action "(DO)."

Harukazu Nishio